Musical Activities of Orchestra & Choir of the University of Bremen in the Past

This page lists descriptions of selected programmes that orchestra & choir performed in the past. Click the thumbnail in the left column to display the original concert poster as PDF file.

For a complete list of all programs performed since 1996, see the German version of this page.

Summer Semester 2014

Concert poster sommer semester 2014

Traditional music for choir from China and songs from modern China

The theme for the evening was the meeting of German and Chinese music. The spirited overture with Tcherepnin’s Concert for Timpani was followed by the German romantic composer Max Bruch’s cheerful summer symphony no. 3, originally and very appropriately named: ‘Der Rhein’ (the river Rhine). Max Bruch admired Mozart for his clarity and Mendelssohn Bartholdy for his melodic inventiveness and his sense of beauty; the music of his contemporaries Liszt and Wagner however remained alien to him. While Bruch’s Violin concert is very popular, his symphonies are less well known, but equally worth discovering. In keeping with this, both choirs sang together songs by the siblings and life long friends Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy, who often exchanged composition ideas. To balance the German romantic music the Chinese student choir from Shanghai closed the concert with a series of Chinese songs and at the end of the concert, both choirs sang together four Chinese songs. The very last song can be heard and seen here, photos here.

"Fancy some music"
Shanghai University Choir, conductor Hailun Chu
Orchestra and Choir of the University of Bremen, conductor Susanne Gläß

Alexander Tcherepnin: Concert for Timpani, soloist: Christian Süssle
Max Bruch: Symphony no. 3 in E major
Songs by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Fanny Hensel

Saturday 19th July 2014, 8 pm, Gutsscheune Stuhr/Varrel
Sunday 20th July 2014, 7.30 pm "Haus am Walde"/Bremen