Orchestra and Choir

About Us

The university orchestra is a full symphony orchestra with currently 75 members. The university choir has a fixed core of members, but is reconstituted for every new project. The number of members varies between 65 and 150. Both ensembles are led and conducted by the university’s director of musical activities, Dr. Susanne Glaess, and rehearsals take place in GW1 – Hörsaal, the choir on Mondays 7.30 - 10pm and the orchestra on Wednesdays at the same time. All rehearsals are open to the public; guests are always welcome.

New members from the university can join at the start of each project, by coming along to the first rehearsal. New members external to the university should contact Susanne Glaess at before attending. External members are welcome if they are able to contribute positively to the choir or the orchestra. Anyone who wishes to sing in the university choir should be able to read music and have some experience in choral singing. For instruments where the number of places in the orchestra is limited (wind, brass and percussion), it is advisable to contact Dr. Glaess before attending. The first rehearsal is an open rehearsal. Whoever decides to continue after this point is expected to attend rehearsals regularly, miss a maximum of two and participate in concerts.

If for any reason you miss more than two rehearsals, you must discuss this with the conductor, who will make a decision about whether you can continue. In some cases, you may be required to perform to her. Should you step out of a project without giving a valid reason, the conductor may choose to exclude you from all future choir and orchestra projects. All decisions regarding attendance of rehearsals and participation in concerts ultimately lie with the conductor.

On certain degree programs (listed below), the orchestra and/or choir can be counted as a semester course:
Bachelor of Education (Professional development)
General Studies
Through regular attendance of rehearsals and participation in concerts you can obtain three credit points.